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Welcome to my blog!  This is the second attempt at public ramblings.  My first attempt, while well received, focused on legal, economic and political news of the day.  While esoteric and thought-provoking, it was, quite frankly, boring.  I felt passionate about some of the topics, but not enough to sustain a blog for long-term.

So, what will Believe in Steve II be about?  Who knows?  I am hoping to ramble on about daily life, people I meet, places I go.  I like humor and my interests are varied.  Varied?  Well, let’s just say that when something sparks an interest, I need to explore that interest in depth, and then move on to another interest.  What else would you expect from someone with ADHD?  I think more importantly, I hope to convey the good demonstrated by ordinary people every day.

Enough rambling for the moment.  Let’s see where this goes.  Of course, if there is something that interests you, let me know!



Believe in Steve!